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Most stolen vehicles in U.S.

Excerpt from ClarkHoward.com:
    ... according to the Wall Street Journal, if you live in California, eight of the most stolen vehicles are imports. And, in Ohio, nine of the 10 most stolen vehicles are made by GM. The 10 most stolen vehicle:
    1) Toyota Camry
    2) Honda Accord
    3) Honda Civic
    4) Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra
    5) Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee
    6) Chevy CK pick-up
    7) Toyota Corolla
    8) Ford Taurus
    9) Chevy Caprice
    10) Ford F150 pick-up
    You should keep in mind that the Camry and Accord are the most popular cars in the country, so the law of averages says they are likely to be stolen more often. The good news is if you own a Plymouth Sundance, no one wants your car. It’s the least likely to be stolen.

I used to drive an Olds Cutlass - #4 on the list. Now I drive a Corolla - #7 on the list... Hmm...

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