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Tonight is a bunch of season finales on NBC. Friends, then Will & Grace, now ER.
I usually don't watch ER, but I'm sucked in for this one.... I used to watch it religiously back in college, so I'm familiar with many of the characters, just that they're all older/more mature now.

On Friends tonight it was a mixed bag, mostly good though. I was so happy with the final scene... !! ... Also, I think the archeologist woman is cool... I hope they have her stay around next season. And I like Mike better than David, so that's a good change too. Monica's hairdo was a total scream. Hehehe.

Will & Grace was kind of wierd. I'm never a fan of Grace, herself. I usually enjoy Jack & Karen, but they went with too much STORY, and not enough LAUGHS in my opinion. I think they need to boot Grace's husband off the show sooner rather than later and we'd all be better off.....

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