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4 bugs in 4 days... What a pattern.

I get my passion for bugs from my mother... My passion to hate them and fear them, that is.

4 days ago (Friday) there was a dead roach on the bedroom floor. I don't know if it just died there, or if the cat did his cat thing, and played it to death there in the bedroom. Who knows.
It's still there, under a folded paper towel. Awaiting burial.

3 days ago (Saturday), there was a live spider in the laundry room. It was just bigger than a nickel, legs and all. It crawled across the washer while I was folding clothes, and scared the shit out of me. It crawled down the wall, and I sprayed it with 'flying bug spray' which did little to nothing to the spider... Finally I covered it with a folded paper towel, then stepped on the paper towel with my shoe. It's still there, under the folded paper towel. Awaiting burial.

Yesterday (Sunday) there was a live roach in the kitchen. It was medium sized as roaches go. I think it tried to play dead or tried to hide when it saw me, because it didn't really try to run away at first... Then, I sprayed it with the 'flying bug spray' and it ran around in little circles until I basically drowned the thing (and I couldn't breath anymore). It died there on the floor. I did not cover it with a paper towel. It remained there overnight, and all day today.

Today (Monday) there was another live roach. This one was the size of an SUV, and when I saw it, it was running from the laundry room area and across the kitchen. I was barely able to grab my tennis shoe by the time it made it into the living room. I smacked it once with my tennis shoe, and it flipped over on it's back. I was afraid to smack it again, because I didn't want bug guts all over the floor, or on my shoe.
I once again turned to my handy 'flying bug spray', and spraying the thing a little at a time, until it stopped twitching and wiggling.

I got up enough *courage?* to sweep the little roach onto the dustpan and throw it in the trash. (Hoorah for Leah's Team!)
It took me over 30 minutes to get up enough guts to scoop up the man-sized roach, and throw it away too. (Mega-bonus points for Leah's Team!!!!)
The two papertowel covered bugs are still on the floor..... I'll deal with them at another time.

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