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I love the Vent!!!

From ajc.com

Friday -
    If the people in Atlanta are all Atlantans, are the people from Charlotte all Charlatans?

    Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.

    Seven in 10 teens surveyed said their peers don't use condoms when they are drinking. Well, I may be far removed from teen status, but I don't use condoms when I'm drinking either. Glassware is much more civilized.

    My boss asked how I hurt my back. "Because I'm carrying this whole department," I replied.

    My husband complains because I watch "American Idol." I tell him I watch it because it's the only vote I have in this country that counts.

    How appropriate that, sandwiched in between two nights of a movie about Hitler, was a movie about Martha Stewart.

Sunday -
    My favorite president slept with an intern. Your favorite president has added trillions to the national debt. Who's done more harm to the country?

Monday -
    Is there any chance soap products can return to their original fragrances? I'm tired of smelling like a watermelon.

    If bonobo chimps are all bisexual by nature, how can Southern Baptists say homosexual acts are unnatural?

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