EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Ah, to vent or not to vent

From the ajc.com - The Vent

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday (June 18-20)
--- What exactly is a MINOR credit card?

--- Ovaltine is the Spam of chocolate milk.

Saturday / Sunday (June 21-22)
--- President Bush is no dummy. First he pressures Congress to pass a tax bill that favors the rich, and now he is going on a whirlwind tour to get them to give it back for his campaign fund.

--- Is there a college course to teach you to fold fitted sheets?

Monday (June 23)
--- Church sign: "Tithe if you love Jesus." I don't tithe. I hope Jesus doesn't find out.

--- If the Baptists cure all the gays, where will all the Baptist women get their hair done?

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