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We went to Six Flags Over Georgia this weekend.
We were there from about 3PM until about 10:30PM... and we rode three rides. :)
The line for the Superman ride was 2 hours long. We waited for the Scream Machine for about an hour, I guess. And Acrophobia probably took about an hour as well. Please note: Acrophobia takes you up 200 feet and then drops you straight down... And no, this is not the parachute ride!

Superman: The South's ONLY Flying Coaster - State of the art thrill ride technology, the Superman - Ultimate Flight adventure begins flying face-first through 2759-feet of tortuously twisted steel track including a series of sharp dives, high-banked curves and spirals uniquely designed to enhance the flying experience.

Scream Machine: One of the world's longest and tallest wooden roller coasters.

Acrophobia: 200-foot rotating tower drop ride, with a twist - riders stand during the entire 161-foot plummet.

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