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Must vent...

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Wednesday, August 20
    Maybe we should name blackouts for famous politicians.

    Let's lock abortion and gun advocates in a room and feed them only airline food until they come up with a reasonable balance of individual rights and protecting life.

    While I was growing up, it was polite to say, "Pardon me, miss, but your slip is showing." With today's fashions, I have had to change my approach to, "Pardon me, miss, but your gut is showing."

Thursday, August 21
    Every two weeks my husband brings home his pay. We refer to it as our reality check.

    All things come to those who wait, but I sent Mel Gibson a map to my house just to speed things up a little.

    I wish my cat's approach to problem-solving could work for me. When the world becomes too much for her, she goes under the bedcovers and stays until things straighten themselves out.

    The recent increase in traffic tells me one thing: You teachers need to car pool.

    I'm a divorce lawyer, and I say let gays get married. I need new business.

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