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Convicted child molester/priest - attacked & killed in prison

Holy crap.


Snippet from linked article above.
    Fellow inmate attacked, strangled Geoghan

    The Washington Post

    BOSTON -- John J. Geoghan, the former priest and convicted child molester killed in a Massachusetts prison Saturday, was followed into his cell just after lunch by a fellow inmate who bound and gagged him before strangling him with a bed sheet, according to a union representative for prison guards.

    The attacker, whom authorities identified as Joseph L. Druce, jammed the electronically operated cell door to prevent guards from opening it. Druce tied Geoghan's hands behind his back with a sheet and gagged his mouth. He then repeatedly jumped from the bed in the cell onto Geoghan's motionless body and beat the defrocked priest with his fists.<--snip--

    The 68-year-old priest, who was being held in protective custody in a unit with 23 other inmates, ostensibly to keep him safe from the general prison population, <--snip--

    Druce, 37, was immediately isolated and will be charged with murder, investigators said. Massachusetts does not have a death penalty, so it is unclear what additional punishment Druce could receive since he is serving a life sentence for strangling a man to death in 1988. He also was convicted while in prison of attempting to spark an anthrax scare by sending envelopes filled with white powder and covered in Swastikas to some 30 Jewish lawyers across the country in 2001. <--snip--

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