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Is voting anti-democratic?

    "Is Voting Anti-Democratic?"

    Can it be true that some politicians and their apologists secretly feel that whenever voters assert democratic control over their government, that's actually anti-democratic?

    Isn't that a blatant contradiction in terms? Citizen control of their government is the whole point and definition of democracy, isn't it? How dare I accuse the powers that be of such a blatant

    Ah, well, don't kill the messenger. I'm just a humble reporter here.

    It's Terry McAuliffe, top fundraiser for the Democrats and political strategist extraordinaire. See, the Democrats think they have a very hot topic in the California recall. Californians give Governor Gray Davis somewhere around a 20 or 21 percent approval rating. They're mad at him for lying about the state of the state's finances during his recent reelection campaign. Mad at him about that and a bunch of other things.

    But McAuliffe says, "This is a very dangerous game for the Republicans, no matter how this comes out. People don't like the idea of this anti-democratic activity. They'll be very angry . . . and you will see a massive mobilization either way in 2004."

    Well, sorry guy, this isn't quite the political bonanza you seem to think. But I guess the career politicians need some kind of strategy to pull the rug out from under the voters.

    Look, it's going to be a vote. A vote made possible by Californians' right of direct democracy. I think people in the rest of the country are going to say, Hey, good for them! How
    do we get this level of control over the politicians in my state?

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