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I'm not sure I can come up with five...

The "five unknown but true things" meme continues...

(1) I rode Acrophobia at Six Flags this summer. I was scared to death, but did it anyway. There's a chance you could talk me into riding it again... :)

(2) I dislike banana flavoring, but like bananas. I also dislike orange flavoring, but like oranges and orange juice.

(3) I walk on my toes - the balls of my feet really. It probably looks a little goofy, but makes for some kick-ass calf muscles. Come to think of it, my first boyfriend actually referred to my calves as "cows"... Needless to say he wasn't my boyfriend for long after that...

(4) I would like to paint the kitchen (purple, I think) and the living room (blue? maybe yellow), but haven't made time to do it yet...

(5) I play percussion, especially keyboard (like marimba, vibraphone, xylophone)... and toured with the Spirit of Atlanta drum and bugle corps for 2 years. I also played drumset in my high school "dance band". I was a music major when I started college and I taught high school percussion for 6 years.

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