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Ah, yes... Many comments...

So I am checking my LJ, and for the first time in history I have 16 comments on a single post -- This Post -- and I think WOW! I'm suddenly one of the popular kids!

Turns out that everyone thinks I'm the 'coolest' because they think I'm the person referred to as "ME" in said post... I can see how that could happen...
Funny thing is, it's from an email that I got and it made me laugh so hard I wanted to save it, so I posted it here... Thought it would make other ppl laugh too -- apparently I was right about that...

And while it's pretty nifty that so many people suddenly found "ME" so interesting, that they take the time to comment... The not-as-nifty thing is, that it's not really "ME" at all... So my sudden popularity will surely wane...
Maybe I should take a moment to feel sorry for myself... wink wink

I still think that post is a riot!!

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