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Health Facts...

Info and tips from a health newsletter I got a work

Heart Health
Don't skip breakfast. Most heart attacks occur btw 7AM and noon - possibly because cells that help blood to clot (platelets) are stickiest then. Eating breakfast appears to make platelets less sticky... and less likely to clump together and block a vital artery.

Between the ages of 2-17, kids average 15,000-18,000 hours of TV watching. That's equal to three years of their waking lives.

Some frozen fruits and vegetables contain just as many nutrients as fresh produce - sometimes more. Example: According to one study, frozen green beans have about twice the vitamin C as fresh beans that sat on display and in a refrigerator from nearly a week.

Common headache triggers
Stress - Diet - Eyestrain - Sitting - Sleep (too little or too much)

Night driving
Having trouble seeing at night? Before getting your eyes checked, clean your headlights. Auto experts say dirty headlights can reduce night vision by as much as 75%.

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