October 24th, 2002


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Beware of phony IRS letters
    Consumers are getting scammed by phony IRS letters arriving the mail, and you need to watch out. These letters come under cover of your bank or credit card and claim that you need to fill out information regarding your personal financial information. These are all phony forms. The IRS wants you to know they would not send out forms, asking for this information. But people are filling them out, thinking they will get in trouble with the IRS if they don’t. If you receive something that looks very official and has your bank name on it, you must double and triple check your information before doing anything. Something to look out for is an outfit that asks you to fax information. A bank would not ask you to fax something back with confidential information on it. Criminals are also looking through the obits, cross-referencing the information on the deceased person and sending phony credit card bills to the family members, saying the deceased person owes money. Grieving family members are paying these bills because they are not very much money and they feel they should take care of the deceased person’s debts.

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No work...

I didn't go to work today, because I've been feeling lousy. I'd come home early yesterday also.
I've also been in a lot of pain in my left side... My jaw, my teeth even. My shoulder & my neck, as usual.
I slept off and on this morning, and stayed in bed until about 1PM or after...
I've got the heating pad on my shoulder now, which seems to be helping.
I don't really want to go to work tomorrow either, however I have committed to being at a meeting tomorrow morning at 9AM, and let them use my laptop during the mtg. Besides tomorrow I can wear jeans to work, so it can't be too bad. If I'm in alot a pain, I will leave after the mtg.
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