December 2nd, 2002



I got to work today right at 8AM. And it wasn't even really that painful. It's amazing how gradual changes (and getting enough sleep) can make getting up early not such a chore.
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Virus alert

United States:
A new and fast-spreading computer virus was released onto the Internet on 28 November 2002. The virus spreads through e-mail, usually with the subject heading "Re: AVAR" and will contain an attachment in the format of :Win.Txt (12.6 KB) Music_1.htm Win.Gif (120 Bytes) Music_2.ceoWin.pif. This virus is particularly destructive. It disables and deletes non-updated versions of Antivirus software, copies e-mail addresses from any text sources found on the computer, including *.txt files, *.doc files, databases and *.pdf files. The virus then attempts to launch a denial of service attack on several antivirus companies, using any open Internet connections.
As a final step in the process, the virus launches a window that displays the message "Make a fool of oneself, What a foolish thing you have done!"
Users who encounter this message should not click "ok," but should immediately unplug any network lines or phone cords from the machine and should not under any circumstances shut down or restart the machine. This will embed the virus into the machine, and make it nearly impossible to remove without a full system format and reinstallation.
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Should churches convert drivers of SUVs?

SUVs are of the devil

From Christian Science Monitor website:
(November 22, 2002 edition)

Prominent Christian and Jewish leaders called this week on the auto industry and their own congregations "to recognize that transportation choices are moral choices" because of "the extraordinary impact they have on God's creation and God's children."
When the Evangelical environmental effort first started, "the message was met with some skepticism and hostility," says Dr. Ron Sider, one of the founders. "But today many leaders agree ... that environmental problems are fundamentally moral and spiritual problems." Some 50 evangelical pastors, scientists and engineers, and heads of businesses and organizations have signed a Call to Action on this issue.