December 13th, 2002


Glass ceiling

Women gain corporate slots Six 'Fortune' 500 firms have female leaders
By Del Jones


Women continued to scale their way to the top jobs at the biggest companies, even in a sluggish economy that offered fewer chances at promotion.
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You gotta get a boarding pass...

This is going to be ever so cumbersome for me in my travels...

Pax must present boarding passes at security checkpoints.
E-ticket itinteraries no longer accepted.

Due to changes in TSA requirements, Delta has discontinued phone & wireless check-in. All passengers must now present their boarding pass to gain access to security checkpoints. This change will reduce random gate screening and help customers expidite the security process. This consolidates the security process by moving selectee searches & most random searches to the checkpoints, and streamlines pax wait time.

For domestic travel using an e-ticket, pax can check-in online and print a boarding pass online via, or use self-service check-in at kiosks in more than 80 airports. Customers may also use airport curbside check-in or check in at DL ticket counters.
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