December 21st, 2002


Cracker Barrell, Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Record Shareowner Vote Prompts Cracker Barrel To Bar Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Full Story: -- The infamous shareowner resolution calling on Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores' parent company CBRL Group to bar sexual orientation discrimination, first filed more than a decade ago, has finally achieved its objective.


The controversy that prompted this resolution dates back to 1991, when Cracker Barrel's then vice president of human resources issued a memo without senior corporate approval.

"It is inconsistent with our concept and values, and is perceived to be inconsistent with those of our customer base, to continue to employ individuals in our operating units whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values which have been the foundation of families in our society," the memo stated.

Cheryl Summerville was one of at least 11 employees who lost their jobs due to this policy. "This employee is being terminated due to violation of company policy," her pink slip stated. "The employee is gay."


"This is a milestone," said Shelley Alpern, ... co-chair for shareholder activism at the Equality Project, a group that advocates barring sexual orientation discrimination in corporate EEO policies. "Cracker Barrel, which once was the very face of anti-gay bigotry, has finally acknowledged that its lesbian and gay workers are part of the mainstream of the American workforce."

I am thankful...

A dear friend sent this to me in email...

I am thankful...

For the wife who says it's hot dogs tonight
Because she is home with me, not with someone else.

For the teenager who is complaining about doing dishes,
Because that means she is at home, and not on the streets.

For the taxes I pay,
Because it means I am employed.

For the mess to clean after a party,
Becuase it means I have been surrounded by friends.

For the clothes that fit a little too snug,
Because it means I have enough to eat.

For all the complaining I hear about the government,
Because it means we have freedom of speech.

For the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot,
Because it means I am capable of walking, and have been blessed with transportation.

For my huge heating bill,
Because it means I am warm.

For the pile of laundry and ironing,
Because it means I have clothes to wear.

For weariness and aching muschles at the end of the day,
Because it means I have been capable of working hard.

For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours,
Because it means I am alive.

And finally -- For too much email,
Because it means I have friends who are thinking of me.
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