December 24th, 2002


Approval for Santa's flight...

UNDATED - Southeast of Australia, where it is 0150, 25 December, sky-spotters reported a slow-moving UFO that does not conform to any known type certificate issued by Australia or the US.
NORAD reports that such sightings are seasonable and you can monitor this on-line at: ...

However, it could be related to the following story.


WASHINGTON - Kris Kringle, d.b.a. Santa Claus, got the green light today from the U.S. Department of transportation (DOT) to engage in air travel to various points throughout the United States the night of Dec. 24-25.
An order granting a flight certificate and signed by U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta said that Santa Claus has a 100 percent on-time arrival record.
In his application, Santa notes that his operating proposal will meet the air service requirements of countless small communities, and also will serve the major transportation hubs in all regions.
Finally, the applicant, aware of the department’s heightened security concerns, said that although he does not have a sky marshal aboard he has asked his lead reindeer, Rudolph, to stay especially alert.
The department said that no one has opposed the application, and Mr. Claus disclosed several million letters of support from children everywhere. In these circumstances, it appears that a grant of the applicant’s request is in the highest public interest,” the department said.
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Holiday Vent

Tuesday Vent - December 24, 2002
    I see where Trent Lott claims he fell into a "trap" set by his political enemies. What did they do? Put a live microphone in front of him?

    Let's have a moment of silence for all the family dogs who will have a bow stuck to the top of their heads on Christmas Day.

    I don't know what Jesus would drive, but if he was driving it in Georgia, he'd have to get an emissions test this month.

    Everyone please stop and say a prayer for the members of our military who are separated from their families and friends during this holiday season. As a voice of experience, I know: It helps.

    There is definitely a generation gap. My daughter would never be seen with a panty line, and I would not be seen without one.

    To those of you still taking advice from Dr. Laura: Don't.

    If that redneck relic-of-the-past flag gets voted back in, I will leave the state, along with Georgia's dignity.

    How can your dreams come true if you never dream?
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