May 5th, 2003


Charlotte - Feed the animals

Went to Charlotte to visit this weekend.
On Saturday we went to the Lazy 5 Ranch. While there we took a wagon ride, that was pulled by big horses like the ones in the beer commercials...
On the ride we were able to feed and pet all these 'exotic' animals that were native to Africa and Australia (among others)...
For example, there were emus, ostriches, pot bellied pigs, all kinds of deer, yaks, longhorn (cows?) and giraffes. There was even a rhinocerous.
And there were lots of baby animals, including the pigs and giraffes.
It was a very cool experience, and the day was just perfect for it.
Many other people had their kids or grandkids with them, so it was fun to watch the kids interact with the animals as well.
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Flesh eating virus

From the Smoking Gun -
    APRIL 29--A California man who sought to have an obscene tattoo covered up is now suing a parlor for allegedly botching the procedure and leaving him with a "flesh-eating virus," according to a lawsuit filed this month. Last June, Michael Machetti, a heavily tattoed motorcycle enthusiast, went to Bull's Eye Tattoo Studio seeking to have a neck tattoo reading "Fuck You" covered up with a comparatively tamer "666" tat. . . But, Machetti alleges, the tattoo artist used unsanitary equipment that infected him with a flesh-eating virus.

There's more information & a pic at the above website...