June 22nd, 2003


Harry Potter for Term Limits

What do you think of Harry Potter? What do you think about the need for term limits for political offices?

This was written by Paul Jacob (who writes a political column called Common Sense).

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    In the fourth and most recent book in the series, evil wizards have made a comeback and are threatening the good wizards. Albus Dumbledore, one of the most powerful of the good wizards, urges the senior-level government minister, Cornelius Fudge, to use his position to alert the wizard world to the danger they face.

    But the politician Fudge cannot tell the truth because it could risk, as he says, "the end of my career."

    "You are blinded," Dumbledore tells the minister, "by the love of the office you hold."

    Ain't it the truth, Dumbledore . . . ain't it the truth.

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