June 23rd, 2003


Ah, to vent or not to vent

From the ajc.com - The Vent

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday (June 18-20)
--- What exactly is a MINOR credit card?

--- Ovaltine is the Spam of chocolate milk.

Saturday / Sunday (June 21-22)
--- President Bush is no dummy. First he pressures Congress to pass a tax bill that favors the rich, and now he is going on a whirlwind tour to get them to give it back for his campaign fund.

--- Is there a college course to teach you to fold fitted sheets?

Monday (June 23)
--- Church sign: "Tithe if you love Jesus." I don't tithe. I hope Jesus doesn't find out.

--- If the Baptists cure all the gays, where will all the Baptist women get their hair done?


We went to Six Flags Over Georgia this weekend.
We were there from about 3PM until about 10:30PM... and we rode three rides. :)
The line for the Superman ride was 2 hours long. We waited for the Scream Machine for about an hour, I guess. And Acrophobia probably took about an hour as well. Please note: Acrophobia takes you up 200 feet and then drops you straight down... And no, this is not the parachute ride!

Superman: The South's ONLY Flying Coaster - State of the art thrill ride technology, the Superman - Ultimate Flight adventure begins flying face-first through 2759-feet of tortuously twisted steel track including a series of sharp dives, high-banked curves and spirals uniquely designed to enhance the flying experience.

Scream Machine: One of the world's longest and tallest wooden roller coasters.

Acrophobia: 200-foot rotating tower drop ride, with a twist - riders stand during the entire 161-foot plummet.
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Do you ever ride MARTA?

My sister turned me on to this article in Creative Loafing. The premise of the article is that the author chose to take MARTA (and not drive) for a week, and she wrote about her experience.
If you have ever had an experience with a MARTA bus, or know someone who has, you will probably laugh your ass off (as I did).


Read it here if you haven't picked up a copy

P.S. The sad thing about this article is how true it is... which is partly why it's so funny. I, for one, would be MUCH more like to use MARTA to get to & from work & events if I thought I could rely on the buses to be on time.
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