October 26th, 2003


Rage against those scary gays and invoke an angry God

The whole idea of an amendment to limit an entire group's rights, just really pisses me off. It only has to start here, you guys... Then, if they get there way here, then pretty soon we'll all be back in the days of prohibition, illegal abortions in back alleys and "seperate but equal" situtions.
You know what I have to say about this? We could call it - "Shut the Hell Up and Get Your Damn Conservative Agenda Out of My Love Life Week."

Enjoy the article below.

    Shut Up And Say "I Do"
    Rage against those scary gays and invoke an angry God -- it's BushCo's "Marriage Protection Week"
    By Mark Morford

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    Did you know? The glorious God-given sanctity of traditional, missionary-position marriage is under savage attack. The GOP is openly terrified that gays are galloping into the cultural consciousness on sequined horseback, lovers are shunning traditional weddings in favor of incense and anal sex and taiko drumming, children are weeping in the streets, neglected and confused and reading Harry Potter backward, wondering why Mommy scours the nerve.com personals while Daddy is off visiting his "sisters" in Bangkok.

    BushCo doesn't, of course, specify just what marriage requires protection from, exactly, except the "gay agenda" thing, which apparently means lots of happy lesbians handing out free vulva hand puppets to confused little girls on public playgrounds. Oh the horror.
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    This is the BushCo way. This is the neoconservative creed. Invent a bogus threat, inject black smears of fear, hint that something church approved and "family friendly" is in danger and that wee innocent children and cute puppies are about to be tattooed and/or made to wear lots of leather chaps and eyeliner, and if we don't stand up to the Big Bad Evil, society as we know it will, very literally, crumble.
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    They do not cite studies that show that sexual repression and typical neoconservative intolerance lead to really awful parenting and the rise of alcoholism and desperately horny priests and slothlike kids who are way, way too into professional wrestling.

    And perhaps most telling of all, they do not cite the obvious common sense that anyone of any true awareness knows: that gay couples are equally, if not more, capable of raising healthy and wise and savvy and beautiful children than hetero couples, and that, with a 50 percent divorce rate still raging like a bad STD among happy marriage-protected Christians, it might very well be the new movement toward empowering the gay-love relationship that saves marriage at all.
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