December 21st, 2003


Joe Liebernan

From Paul Jacob / Common Sense

    "Get-Tough Politics"

    Let me read to you an ominous statement by one of the candidates for president of the United States.

    "Parents today are being forced to contend with a new threat -- big food companies targeting junk food at children." So sayeth get-tough presidential candidate Joe Lieberman. He adds, "We cannot raise strong and healthy children if the best efforts of good parents all across America are being consistently undercut by corporations looking to profit by spreading bad behavior."
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    Let's get clear on one thing. This isn't about junk food. It's about junk politics. It's about controlling every single last itty bitty detail of everything anybody ever does.
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Federal Marriage Amendment - Take Action!

On Wednesday in an interview with ABC News, President Bush took a step toward endorsing a radical amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would single out a group of Americans for discrimination: "If necessary, I will support a constitutional amendment which would honor marriage between a man and a woman, codify that."

It is never necessary to insert prejudice and discrimination into the U.S. Constitution.

Call your Representative and Senators in their district offices THIS WEEK to urge them to not cosponsor or vote for the Federal Marriage Amendment, House Joint Resolution 56 and Senate Joint Resolution 26.

Visit to look up the district office phone number for your members of Congress.

From Human Rights Campaign