June 2nd, 2004


Cat Haiku (or cat ku)

I must admit that I wrote none of these... but they are funny as hell!
I'll add links below for your further enjoyment...

    Litter box not there
    You must have moved it again
    I'll crap in the sink

    Small brave carnivores
    Kill pine cones and mosquitoes
    Fear vacuum cleaner

    You must scratch me there!
    Yes, above my tail! Behold,
    elevator butt.


    i may acknowledge
    you later. for now, you may
    watch me clean myself


    The food in my bowl
    Is old, and-more to the point-
    Contains no tuna

    You open a book
    Flat, white,clean, smooth:like a bed
    Any more questions?

    So you want to play.
    Will I claw at dancing string?
    Your ankle's closer.

    Am I in your way?
    You seem to have it backwards:
    This pillow's taken.

From a book called Cat Ku...
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