September 8th, 2004



U.S. Death Toll in Iraq passes 1,000

Excerpt from CNN -

    Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged the death toll earlier Tuesday, but told reporters at the Pentagon that going on the offensive against terrorism "has its cost."

    "It should be noted that the civilized world passed the thousandth casualty mark a long time ago," he said. "Hundreds were killed in Russia last week. And this week, of course, on September 11, 2004, we remember the 3,000 citizens of dozens of countries who were killed on September 11 in 2001."

    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry called Tuesday's report a "tragic milestone," and said the thoughts and prayers of all Americans are with those who have had family members killed in Iraq.
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Too busy to LJ properly

Attention to anyone who normally reads my journal... I'm paring down my friends list because law school is, uh, well, law school, so I am finding it hard to keep up with LJ... To make my life more manageable I am paring down my friends list for now.

I'm posting this notice because I don't want anyone to take it personally... I mean, you can if you want, I guess... but its not meant that way. :)

If its really important to you, you could send me an email to enjoybeing93 @ and let me know. I'm only checking email a couple times a week right now b/c of school.

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Delta to Cut Up to 7,000 Jobs

This just in...

Published: September 8, 2004

ATLANTA (AP) -- Delta Air Lines is axing up to 7,000 jobs, cutting employee wages and shedding its Dallas hub as part of a sweeping turnaround plan aimed at helping the nation's third largest carrier cope with high fuel costs and competition from low-fare rivals.

But even with those changes -- part of a $5 billion cost-saving program -- CEO Gerald Grinstein warned on Wednesday Delta would seek bankruptcy court protection if Delta can't slow the pace of pilot retirements by the end of September.

Read entire article at NY Times website
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