February 7th, 2005


Death of friend in Atlanta

I saw this article today on the web because I have a "Yahoo news search" set up to automatically email stuff about ASA. I called and talked to my old boss because I thought that it might just be rumor. It's not.

From WHNT-TV website (Huntsville, AL)

Weekend crash kills commercial airline pilot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. A commercial airline pilot from Lakeland has been killed in the crash of an ultralight craft he was flying over the weekend.
Frank Nelson DeBardeleben died Saturday when his ultralight crashed and exploded in a cotton field north of Interstate 40 in Fayette County.

Witnesses say they saw the plane circling the field and never heard the engine stall.

DeBardeleben was 52 and was a chief pilot for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, which flies Delta Air Lines commuter routes.

His son -- a Marine helicopter pilot -- received word of the crash after he finished flying a six-hour mission over Iraq.

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