June 29th, 2005


London - Day 18

:: Day #2 at the Old Bailey... Had to sit in the public gallery all day instead of down on the floor with my barrister... the gallery is a lot like a balcony at the theater, but not nearly as glamorous.

:: Talked with a British kid who was also observing my barrister's case today while we were waiting (for 30 mins) to be admitted to gallery... He and I were asking each other questions about weird things we'd heard about the other's country... For example, he asked me 'what do they serve at a steak house?'

:: Had 'proper curry' for dinner - i.e. went to an Indian restaurant... Had something with chicken... It was spicy spicy spicy!! My eyes were watering and my sinuses were cleared... But it was worth it! Yum!!!
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