May 5th, 2006


Don't hurt anyone's feelings

This is my sister's away message right now...

Sweet Potato Queen, Jill Conner Browne:

I swear, I wonder sometimes at just what all Southerners will do in the course of a day in the name of Not Hurting Somebody's Feelings.

I remember once, sitting at a traffic light behind a bunch of cars and seeing this lunatic loose amidst the traffic, running, wild-eyed, up to cars and yelling unintelligibly. Later on I recounted my experience to my daddy and told him I was so afraid the crazy guy would get to my car before the light changed because, since my doors weren't locked, I'd have to reach up and lock 'em, right in front of him and thereby run the risk of hurting his feelings!

When Daddy repeated it back to me - "You didn't want to hurt the crazy guy's feeling by locking your doors in front of him?" - it really didn't seem as logical anymore.

I've totally done this... Admit it, so have you!