July 24th, 2006

Law dork

From my PR study aid

I'm using a pre-made (electronic) flashcard set to study for my rapidly approaching Professional Responsibility (aka Ethics) exam.

Here is the text from one of the cards today that made me laugh:
Wayne and Garth are both attorneys for a non-profit legal advocacy group called Consumer Advocates. They recently got an inside tip from a bank teller that the board of directors at Party-on First National Bank decided to double the service fees on their checking accounts for no particular reason.

Wayne and Garth despise corporate greed and think it would be most excellent to nail the company. They go to the local branch and stop a young customer on his way out. They explain that the bank is trying to rip its customers off with unfair service charges and tell the young fellow that if he does not personally agree to sue the bank, the practice will never stop. "It's on your shoulders, man." Can they be disciplined for solicitation?