August 24th, 2006

Law dork

From an actual trial transcript

Trial Judge: "Do you want to say anything before I sentence you?"

Defendant: "Yeah.  I want you to appoint me another lawyer."

Trial Judge: "What's wrong with the lawyer you have?"

Defendant: "He doesn't listen to anything I say."

Trial Judge: "What about that, counselor?"

Public Defender: "I'm sorry, Judge.  I wasn't listening."
Demons of stupidity


Oh, and apparently Pluto's been downgraded... We now have only 8 planets.

Why couldn't they have done this years ago?  It would have made for one less paper mache ball to make for my nightmarish science project in 4th grade.
Law dork

Query - How's your vocabulary?

Ok. No Cheating!

In reading an opinion by my judge today on an issue I've never had to consider before, I have had to look up a long list of words... This is going to be a frequent occurrence for me during this job, because, as is well known, my judge has (or at least makes use of) the broadest vocabulary of any sitting federal judge.

If you know the definition of any of these words, comment with your definition.  No googling people.  I'll post results on Saturday.

Here's the list of words I looked up for this ONE CASE...

1) ersatz
2) wended
3) protean
4) chary
5) persiflage
6) ukase
7) celerity
8) hydraheaded