January 29th, 2007


12 Angry Men

I watched the movie 12 Angry Men tonight.  I've had it on my list of "movies to watch" since my first year of law school when a professor mentioned it or recommended it in class...  It's black & white and was released in 1957.   It was nominated for several Academy awards (including Best Picture) - but I don't think it actually won any... Today it's considered a "classic"... 

It was really good... especially for a movie filmed entirely in one room (well, the beginning they are being read the jury instructions by the judge in the courtroom, but the rest of the film is them in the jury room)...

It tells a great story (albeit somewhat predictable)... but the WAY they tell the story is great.  Words that come to mind - heartwarming, reassuring, thought-provoking. 

I've heard, from talking with judges and former judges, that although we in the legal profession may look upon juror (as laymen) kind of warily, the jurors take their responsibilities very seriously most of the time.  Who knows whether they come to the "right" decision or not... But they don't come to those decisions lightly.  I think this movie portrays that very well.