March 30th, 2007


Would you support corporations that support gays & lesbians?

Please dash over to the AFA website and take their little homophobic poll...
"Should corportations be promoting homosexuality?   Several corporations are now supporting the homosexual agenda. These companies have been convinced by homosexual activists and the mainstream media that in order to be "fair and tolerant," companies must make special rules for homosexuals and provide company money and resources to help promote their lifestyle. Many companies, at the urging of these groups, have also begun to support same-sex marriage.  Take our poll.  We will send the results to the largest corporations in America."
AFA stands for American Family Association... Nothing like teaching our kids how to discriminate - now THAT is a family value.  (Not!)
Here's the poll's question:
If a corporation supports the homosexual agenda, would you:
- Be more likely to do business with that company
- Be less likely to do business with that company
- It would not affect my buying decision
Head on over and let them know what you think!  And pass it along to other forward thinking folks like yourself!