November 5th, 2007


Letters or Holiday cards to wounded soldiers... Misinformation...

I got an email forward today that had to do with sending holiday cards to wounded soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  The idea was to send a holiday card to "Any Wounded Service Member" at the hospital address... I thought it sounded like a great idea, because although I do not support Bush or his War, I *do* support our troops - wounded and otherwise.

But as usual, I did a little search to make sure the forwarded email was legit.  Turns out that while it might have been legit when it was originally started, there's now a policy that the U.S. Post Office can't deliver cards made out to "Any Service Member" or "Any Wounded Service Member" anymore.  As I understand it, this policy is to protect our service men and women from bad people who might send them negative things in the mail (you know, like death powder or explosive stuff)... I think that's a bummer, but I can understand it.  Plus it must be hard to figure out WHICH soldier gets to receive the random letter of the day.

(Here's where I'm getting this info, by the way.  It's a link to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center website, news & events page.)

SO!  If you want to do something sweet for a Service Member this holiday season, or anytime, go to this link instead to FIND OUT HOW. You can also go here, here or here.