August 25th, 2008

2008 yet?

Denver and little Rhody

Another example of why I love Rhode Island.

I just watched a little of the Democratic National Convention on ABC. I turned it on just as Michelle Obama was being introduced by her brother. As she spoke the camera would cut to various folks in the crowd. TWICE I saw someone I went to school with (and used to work with). :) Love RI.

I also know at least 2 other RI delegates in Denver this week. One a current law student at my alma mater, and the other an attorney I'm working with as co-counsel in some litigation. (Hi Matt, Kim & Jeff! *waves*)

I love that about RI. And I wonder if I know anyone else at the DNC this week... Hmmmm....

Oh! And Michelle's speech was great. As was the (I assume) non-scripted moment with the kids onstage with Barack on tv feed from Kansas City. Cutie patooties!