September 12th, 2008

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Ari Melber on The Jed Report (MSNBC)

This was aired yesterday on MSNBC.

Best quotes:
Regarding the McCain ads lying about Obama
specifically the sex-ed ad...
"[McCain] looks dishonest and dishonorable..."

"The ad is a lie.  Shame on the McCain campaign. And shame on you, Brad, if you're defending that lie. You know that ad is a lie, don't you?"
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One more...

Local tv reporter in Maine, in an interview with McCain... This aired yesterday I think.

It's a little long, 8 minutes, but TOTALLY worth it to watch McCain's nervous and unsure responses... and to watch him flail in trying to answer questions about Palin's experience and why he chose her.

Don't want to watch the whole clip? Then watch this little snippet about her National Security experience (less than 30 seconds).