August 20th, 2009


Health care reform & a CHOICE for a public option

New poll reports 77% of Americans support the CHOICE of public option government-run health care
More than three out of every four Americans feel it is important to have a "choice" between a government-run health care insurance option and private coverage, according to a public opinion poll released on Thursday.

Link to article on Huffington Post:
Link to actual poll results if you want to see them for yourself:

Earlier in the week, when pollsters for NBC removed the word "choice" from their question on a public option, the result was that only 43% of respondents were in favor of "creating a public health care plan administered by the federal government that would compete directly with private health insurance companies."

Opponents of health care reform & the public option jumped on the findings as evidence that backing for the public option was dropping. Proponents responded by arguing that NBC's tinkering with the language of the question contributed to the apparent drop in favorability for a public plan.

The Survery USA results (including the word CHOICE) supports the argument that NBC's tinkering with the language contributed to that apparent change in support - and shows that support for such a choice in health care options remains.

Over 50% of respondents favor Obama's health care plan (even in NBC poll):

When they were read a description of the president's health care plan, 51% of Survey USA respondents (in Aug) said they "favored" the approach, while 43% opposed it.

In the NBC poll in July, 53% of respondents said they favored the president's plan, 43% said they opposed it.