EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Lies that my clutter tells me

From a FlyLady testimonial:

The Top 5 Lies That Clutter Tells Me

1. You paid a lot for me. You bought me. You gotta keep me.

2. You are a bad person if you get rid of me since I am from your dead relative; that is not respectful. You must not love your relative if you throw me away.

3. Your friend has to see me when she comes or she will think you don't like her. She gave me to you and you are ungrateful.

4. It is wasteful and not right to get rid of me when I am still useful, expensive, or could be repaired. You'll be sorry if you get rid of me.

5. You have so many memories tied up in me (even if they are bad memories). Its my job to remind you of your failings and shortcomings.
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