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Ok for banks to lie about acct balance?

Feds approve of banks lying to us

Clark has some shocking news for you. The Federal Reserve has made it legally okay for banks to lie to you about your account balance. This is no joke. Banks tell you that you have more money than you do because they want you to spend more than you have and then overdraft your account. That way, they can charge you all kinds of overdraft fees. Clark has no problem with banks charging a fee if a customer overdrafts his or her account. But he has a huge problem with the Feds making it okay for banks to lie to us so they can rip us off. Where are the ethics in that? It’s one of the most anti-American moves Clark has heard about. The sad reality is that we have to balance our own checkbooks so we know what our balance is at all times. Each time you write a check or charge something on your debit card, write down the amount and immediately deduct it from your account. Don't risk giving the banks the satisfaction of charging you.

from ClarkHoward.com

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