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London - Day 10

:: Today I took the tube to Waterloo station, then an above-ground train to a little suburb city called Feltham. We were in the magistrates' court there, but there was a district judge in our courtroom (not magistrates)...

:: When we were done there, we came back into the city and from Waterloo station took a bus to Fleet Street (where my barrister's chambers are)... The public transportation system here is great!

:: I'm trying to upload some photos to my kodak gallery site... Its taking some time, but once I have it up, I'll try to share the link to them here... We'll see how it works out - using the internet cafe computer to do this is a bit tricky...

:: The cereal we have called Frosted Flakes (you know, with Tony the tiger) are called Frosties here... :)
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