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London - Day 16

:: Went to court with a different barrister today because my barrister was busy preparing for her case that goes to trial tomorrow... The barrister I followed around today had a 'floating trial' which means it didn't have a courtroom assigned to it... So he and the other people involved in the case had to wait around all day just in case some other trial ended early because the defendant took a plea, or whatever. We waited all day, and never got the trial started.

:: Tonight I did my trial advocacy exercise (which is part of my course here)... It went well I think... We each had to do a Plea in Mitigation - which is basically trying to convince the court that our (imaginary) client deserves a more lenient sentence because of his circumstances, etc.

:: Tomorrow I get to go to the Old Bailey... aka London's Central Criminal Court to watch my barrister's trial. Whoo hoo!!
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