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Recap - Day 3

Today... Woke up at 9ish. Got out and walked the beach for about 30 minutes, then went to the pool. Stayed at &/or in the pool until about 11:15.
We went to have pizza for lunch. It was good. The fried mushroom appetizer was the best part of it though...
After lunch, Erin & I shopped (again). We went to a lotion, girly store, and got a "free sample" of the One Minute Manicure stuff. Which is some bad-ass stuff... The store had it way over priced, so Erin & I are going to look into when we get home. Overall I bought some earrings, she bought a necklace and some Bert's Bees stuff. Each item was around $10. Not bad.
For dinner we dressed up and went to a restaurant on the bay. The Green Flash. It was a pretty view, and the food was okay. We basically decided we could do better, and that place has now been scratched off the list for future visits.
It's basically been a lazy kind of a day. :)

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