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Vacation day 4 -

Today was my last full day in Florida (vacation-wise). Tomorrow we head to the airport after lunch to fly back to the ATL.
So today, I woke up around 9:45A. Went for a walk on the beach, like yesterday. The sun seemed hotter today, if you can believe it. Then went to the pool and hung out a little.
After a while their were several bees & wasps kind of hanging around too, so I skeedadled back to the room, as a preventative-type measure.
Lunch was at the Lighthouse Cafe - we ate breakfast foods. I had Malted Hot Cakes, or something like that. Yumm.
After lunch... shopped (again), bought a Sanibel Island sweatshirt (of all things, when it's over 90 outside). It is soft and feels like a terrycloth towel. We came back to the room, and I played on the net. Went back to pool and read (Find Me, by Rosie O'Donnell - very good so far).
Dinner - Back to Pizza & Pasta. Good food! and lots of it. I had an angel hair tomato cream-based sauce with shrimp... Yumm.
Last but not least, we rented "The Shipping News" and watched it in the room. It was heartwarming. I recommend it.
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