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In the news: Tom DeLay will not seek re-election (Whoohoo!)

Rep. Tom DeLay Will Not Seek Re-election

Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells MSNBC that he will end his reelection bid and retire from Congress.

MSNBC Talk Show Host Chris Matthews says, "He told me that although the polls showed him going down - losing - he thought he had a 50/50 chance of winning. But he said that the beating he's going to take between now and November made it very hard for him to win and it would be very hard to reverse the polling trend."

The MSNBC host adds, "He said that it was very important for Republicans to hold this seat and that he believed that another Republican had a very good chance - in fact, could walk into this seat. And he's going to allow that to happen tomorrow by withdrawing from the election."

According to CNN news, DeLay was forced to step down as House majority leader last year after being indicted in his home state of Texas.

DeLay told Time magazine Monday that he and his wife, Christine, had been prepared for an election battle, but that he decided Wednesday to spare his suburban Houston district the mudfest to come.

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