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Conflicting messages?

So I sent out an email to some fellow law students yesterday, asking if anyone had taken classes a certain professor, because I'm trying to decide whether or not to take this Professor's class that's being offered in the fall. Well, I got back many responses, and there is a wide range of views... For example:
I've removed all incriminating information...

Response One:
"I just wanted to put in a good word for Prof XXX. I took XXX class with him last fall and I absolutely loved it. And I think he is fantastic. He's one of my favorites here."

Response Two:
"I really liked XXX class, and I really liked Prof XXX, but he is very esoteric and many students find it difficult to follow him. I think my interest in the substantive law made it easier for me to follow him."

Response Three:
"XXX class with Prof XXX is similar to having your toenails pulled out with tweezers. He is all over the place, and you basically have to teach yourself. I did not have a good experience with him."
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