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Save Net Neutrality

Last year, the phone and cable companies convinced the Federal Communications Commission and the Courts to change how the Internet is operated, making a few unelected officials responsible for a decision with billions of dollars of impact for millions of Internet consumers.

These decisions reversed the safeguards that made the Internet so great – the freedom known as “Net Neutrality,” which allows you to go anywhere you want to go on the Internet. The Internet was designed by American universities, and made available to the general public over an open platform that required phone and cable companies to treat all traffic in a neutral manner.

Now, however, the phone and cable companies boast that they will create premium lanes on the Internet for higher fees, and give preferential access to their own services and those VIPs who can afford to “pay to play.” They have already blocked certain services and have the power to block or degrade any service that competes with them:

  • Do you want the phone and cable companies to block online movies or cheaper phone service over the Internet?
  • Do you want the phone and cable companies to decide which blogs or political sites you can access?
  • Do you want phone and cable companies to give preferential Internet access to companies who pay more for “premium” delivery?
  • Do you want phone and cable companies to keep new innovations off the Internet?

No?  Then CONTACT YOUR REPS in D.C. and let them know this is important to you -


I got this info via this googleblog post:

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