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Fed Tax

Tonight I started reading for class next Monday.  I have to have Chapter One of my Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation book digested by then.  Which isn't too bad, really.  44 pages.   I also have to read for National Security Law, but I haven't busted that book out of its shrink wrap yet. 

BTW - I spend about $300 yesterday buying books for this semester.  Whoo hoo.

I am looking forward to this Tax class.  Everytime I mention that I'm taking Fed Tax to any law student or lawyer, they say - with a sense of fear and impending doom - but Fed Tax isn't on the BAR! 

Well, DUH!

I think it's going to be interesting, and immediately applicable (compared to some other classes that I could be taking)...

I mean, you guys may not know this, but I took advanced math classes in college as my electives.  Calculus and whatnot.  By choice.  Because it's fun.

I think I'm going to like this class.  I hope I'm not too wrong about that.
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