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Southern girls have more fun

1. Do you own a cowgirl hat (or have you?)
Yes. (Did, don't now.)

2. Do you own a pair of cowgirl boots?

3. Do you have a belt buckle?

4. Have you ever rode a horse bareback?
No. Is it 'rode' or 'ridden'?

5. Ever rode a horse?
Yes, of course.

6. Do you think men in levi's are sexy?
Depends... Nice ass? Sexy!

7. Are you from the South?
Ya'll know I am! :)

8. Do Southern girls have more fun?
Hell yeah.

9. Why are Southern girls generally prettier than Northern girls?
I think its the weather/humidity/climate...

10. What's your favorite Southern girl saying?
D'ya'eat'yet? Naw, you? Naw, y'unt'too? A'ight.
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