EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Ode to Free Food

A Law Student's Ode to Free Food
Written by llhinkle

A weary law student, heavy laden with books
Never has time to learn from great cooks
So when in the mid-day the flyer it reads
"Free Food at this meeting!" the law student...feeds.

She enters the room with a furtive, blank stare
In search of what goodies she will find there
If only a bag of chips is offered for all
"I've another meeting!" she'll suddenly recall.

Whatever the lecture, however a bore
If pizza is offered, the student yells "more!"
If sandiwches proffered then excitement is wild
If its just some cookies, the response is more mild.

So here's what to learn from this poem so poor
When planning a meeting write "free food" on the door
Then offer up treats to the law student crew
If you want us to come, well, that's what you'll do.

Tags: law school
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