EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Handel's Messiah

I just got home from a live performance of Handel's Messiah. It was performed by the Rhode Island Civic Chorale & Orchestra.

I was invited at the last minute last night, and I didn't realize it was all three parts or I probably wouldn't have agreed to go today (since I'm entering finals-stress-period) but I didn't know and didn't think to ask.

Today's performance was in a church (St. Mary's, I think) in Newport. A very "classic" old stone church. With wooden pews (that hurt when you sit in them for 3 hours)... It was $22, or $7 with a student ID. Whoohoo!

And it was fabulous! Even though I have a lot to do, I'm sooo grateful that I went. It's been years since I've been to anything like it.
Tags: concert, music

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