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Living in New England, Lessons # 45 & 46

Living in New England, Lesson 45 - Furniture Limitations
Houses here are old. That means that often ceilings are low, stairways are windy and doorways are narrow.
It is important to bear this in mind when ordering over-sized or over-stuffed furniture that is oh-so-hip these days. It will likely not fit into your oh-so-quaint apartment, due to the narrow doorways.

Living in New England, Lesson 46 - Staying Warm in your House
They have this thing here called Oil Heat. This requires actual oil, which is purchased by the gallon and brought to the house by various oil companies. Some landlords take care of all that for you. Some do not.
It is important to remember to ask your landlord which of these two categories they fall into, or you may end up freezing your little fingers off when the tank runs out. Because, although the oil company people are very courteous, the soonest they will likely come to fill the tank is the next morning.
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