EnjoyBeing (enjoybeing) wrote,

Answers to Friday Four

My answers to cheese_puppet's Friday Four.

1.) How early do you think people should be allowed to put up Christmas decorations?
December 1st.

2.) If you had to live at the North Pole, would it annoy you to always be the tallest person in the room*? Is there anything else that would annoy you?
No. I think it would be cool to be uber-tall (comparatively, anyway)... I think having to walk around looking out for reindeer droppings would be annoying...

3.) What do pirate children find in their stockings?
Well-behaved pirate children? I don't think there are such things...

4.) If you have a sex dream involving someone you're not even attracted to, like, oh, say, Vince Vaughn, do you think that means that you're secretly attracted to them and just can't admit it to yourself?
Mmmm. Not really. I think it means I'm attracted to some aspect of their personality maybe... Or (more likely) wishing I could incorporate some personality trait that they have into my own personality - like confidence, or elegance, or pompous arrogance...

*referring here to the large population of elves.
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